We have been producing syrups since 2002. The company is equipped in new, modern technologic line and huge warehouse which allows us to mobile production and quick order's realization. The world health warranty HACCP and Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001:2000 are the confirmation of the highest quality of our products.
Our company's syrups is a wild offer of flavors, where you can surely find the syrup which you are looking for. Excellence's syrups are the products for whole family.
They are created to prepare tasty, refreshing drinks, both cold and hot. They are exceptional because they can be applied in many ways like an addition to beer, dessert, cocktails etc.

They are also cost-efficient because we can produce about 10 liters of delicious drink of 1liter of syrup. It is also a good alternative for honey and sugar. For more demanding clients we have syrups with lower quantity of calories, for someone who is on the diet for example.







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